happy monday everybody! only eight more days until christmas!! despite this week being a short one, i can already tell it’s going to drag.  i head back to my parents house on friday, and i’m so excited to spend a few days hanging out with my family and friends from home. figured i’d round up some happenings from this past week and what i’m looking forward to this weekend!

one // favorite finds
i’ve been pretty good about not shopping over the past few weeks, because i don’t want to spoil any potential presents! a running joke in my family is that every single year (without fail), my dad goes out a few days before christmas and buys himself whatever gift one of us already bought for him. it’s like kind of funny…but also not for whoever’s gift he ends up ruining! it’s been hard for me to resist peeking at some of my favorite retailer’s sites since literally everything under the sun is on major sale right now. so i rounded up a few that you absolutely cannot miss! perfect for any last minute gifts or a gift to yourself for making it through the week.
j.crew – 40% off 4+ select full-price and sale items, 30% off 3, and 20% off 2 with code moreismore
• nordstrom – so many new items were just added to their sale section. (between 40-60% off original prices!) i’ve been eyeing this dress, these booties, and this striped tee.
abercrombie – 50% off the entire store + 15% off extra styles! they have the greatest jeans, i have multiple pairs and love love love them.
aerie – 40-60% off the aerie collection (prices as marked). i have the comfiest pair of joggers from aerie that i wear legitimately every night. hoping to find another pair i love just as much!
• loft – 50% off your purchase. loft is my staple for warm sweaters. i am loving this cowlneck (omg that fuchsia color!), this cable knit and this marled sweater!
• old navy – up to 60% off the entire site. if you’re looking for last minute matching christmas pjs for your family, look no further!

two // christmas adventure-ing
every year, a few days before christmas, my best friends pack into one of our cars and head out to look for the best christmas lights around the greater boston area. we always pack the necessities: hot chocolate, fuzzy blankets, and a killer (christmas-themed) playlist!

three // eating + drinking
fun fact, i am notoriously bad at cooking and baking. like if you ask any of my friends or family, they’ll laugh and tell you i’m essentially banned from the kitchen most days. that being said, when the holidays roll around, my inner betty crocker comes out for a hot second! i’ve made these pretzel m&m bites for the past few years, for pretty much everyone you can think of (co-workers, friends, family, etc.). they’re always a hit, and super easy to make! i’ll write out my “recipe” below for anybody who’s interested.

• hershey kisses (i prefer the dark chocolate kind, but any work!)
• m&ms
• small pretzels

• pre-heat oven to 375
• line a cookie sheet with parchment paper
• lay out pretzels
• add hershey kiss to middle of each pretzel
• put in oven for 2-3 minutes
• carefully place m&m on top of each hershey kiss
• transfer onto tupperware, plate, etc. and place overnight in your fridge (consensus from each time i’ve made these is that they’re 10x better when they’ve been frozen/are cold for some reason!)

four // links i loved
a few of my favorite internet happenings i’ve come across lately:
why i’m no longer texting the people i date from the everygirl. really interesting perspective, and completely relatable for all my fellow singles!
15 products everyone with sensitive skin needs to try from the glitter guide. hollaaa atcha girl.
teen girls and their moms get candid about their phones & social media from npr. this is a must read. i remember getting my first ~flip phone~ when i was a freshman in high school. flash forward to 2018 where kids are getting iPhones as early as the fifth or sixth grade. and becoming addicted, and riddled with anxiety just like adults.
bradley cooper and lady gaga behind the scenes of a star is born by vanity fair. hi, my name is katie, and i am obsessed with a star is born. also obsessed with bradley cooper’s long hair. also obsessed with lady gaga with no makeup. i am hardcore rooting for this movie (and especially lady gaga) to win allllll of the awards. 

five // watching
i’m about 3 episodes behind on riverdale, and struggling to find the motivation to watch. anybody else feel the same? this season has been tough for me to grasp. it kind of went from being a teenage murder-mystery show to being a full-fledged teenage sci-fi bizarre make-believe monster show. but like i have to keep watching becauseee bughead. 

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