what’s the most magical place to visit around christmas time? new york city baby! it’s literally impossible to walk around without a) catching sight of some extravagant holiday decor and b) smiling from ear to ear. while i currently live in boston, i considered new york my home away from home for many years. that being said, i never really had the chance to explore all of the festivities this city has to offer during the holiday season! i was always too busy working and traveling, until this year. 3 of my best friends & i had a blast running around acting like tourists for a weekend. i know visiting new york can be overwhelming, so i figured i’d round up some of our favorite activities!

5th avenue // window shopping
even if you don’t plan on buying anything, there is nothing like window shopping on 5th ave around christmas. almost every store decorates in some type of way. if it’s not some crazy elaborate windows (looking at you bloomingdales) then it’s beautiful exterior decorations. i didn’t get any great photos of the window displays, we were in a rush to get to rockefeller center, but i managed to capture the cartier mansion (drool worthy) and tiffany’s (dreamy). i could’ve spent all day just walking up and down 5th ave staring at all of the christmas decorations and been as happy as a clam.

rockefeller center // tree + skating rink
i read someone’s caption on instagram after our trip that said “morning cardio = fighting the crowds at rockefeller center” and i literally laughed out loud. but it’s totally worth it. we headed over to rockefeller center around 11am, aka prime time. and while there were definitely crowds (don’t let the photos fool you), it wasn’t anything un-manageable. would i have rather gone earlier and not dealt with waiting around to get a group photo or the perfect picture of the tree? totally. but it was incredible and magical, despite the crowds of people. {ps. i’ve heard that saks, which is right across from rockefeller center, puts on a light show most nights between 3-4pm. we didn’t catch the show while we were there, but just be aware that if you head over to rockefeller during that timeframe!}

bryant park // christmas pop-up market
i had no idea until this trip that bryant park has a christmas pop-up market, which they call their winter village! there’s a european inspired open-air market which features vendors selling ornaments, art work, and incredible food & drinks. if you go, you absolutely have to stop by the cookie dō pop-up! quick side story about cookie dō; at my last job, i was working an event with an agency in new york and we had little tubs of cookie dō (which for those who don’t know is edible cookie dough) as a takeaway gift for editors. i ended up eating like 3-4 tubs myself and took the rest home. so for the past 3+ years, i’ve been talking cookie dō up to my friends non-stop. when we were in bryant park and saw the pop-up, it felt like fate. my three best friends were able to try it and they finally understand my obsession!

grand central station // xoxo, gossip girl
living out my gossip girl dreams! whenever i’ve traveled to new york, i’ve either flown through laguardia or taken the train into penn station. so i was really excited when it turned out that our travel plans took us through grand central because i’d never been! i’ve seen it in the movies and on tv, but there’s no describing it in real life. it’s 100x bigger and better. simply breathtaking! and of course the added christmas decor was the perfect touch.

a few more places we wanted to check out but sadly didn’t have the time (so therefore are on my list for the next time i visit!):
• walk along the highline and get a drink at the high line hotel
• take a photo with my friends in front of the friends apartment building
• get drinks at rolf’s {super popular, definitely try to make a reservation beforehand}
• visit the lotte palace
• walk across the brooklyn bridge
• see the incredible view of the city from the top of rockefeller center
• ice skate in central park
• get a photo on the steps of the met {so blair waldorf}
• visit the sézane apartment
• try some tea at blank slate
• find tiny’s and have a drink at the bar upstairs

2 thoughts on “christmas time in new york

    1. Oh my gosh, so exciting! There are so many incredible things to do in the city, especially around Christmas, you really can’t go wrong. Hope you have the best trip ❤️


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