lately i’ve been working on living with intention. and with the beginning of the new year, i wanted to share the goals i’ve set for myself in a more public forum in order to keep myself accountable!

travel // places to go, people to see
my travel experiences over the past few years have been nothing short of amazing. and mostly spontaneous, which is not a bad thing! but i want to challenge myself to travel to specific places this year (along with whatever spontaneous trips may pop up along the way)

here’s my must-visit list for 2019:

• nantucket, ma
• martha’s vineyard, ma
• cincinnati, oh (to visit my bff from college!)
• tbd girls trip (we’re thinking a cruise, not sure on locations. our one requirement? it has to be tropical!)

health // diet + exercise
one of my biggest goals for 2019 is to improve my overall health, which for me includes my diet and exercise. confession time: i do not have the healthiest eating habits (currently eating chocolate covered pretzels as i write this blog post haha). i love cheese. and pasta. and pizza too! i’ve known for a while i needed to make major changes to my diet, but this past year really put it into perspective for me. the combination of my less than stellar eating habits, lack of exercise, and change in birth control really messed with my body. but let me make this crystal clear. i do not want to make this change solely to lose weight. i want to improve my diet and start working out consistently to become the healthiest version of myself! will i still eat cheese? yup. will i still eat pasta? you bet. will i still order pizza whenever i’m craving it? hell yeah. it’s going to be a challenge, but i’m ready for it.

positivity // spread kindness
i’ve always considered myself a positive person, and a genuinely happy person at that. but this past year, i found myself generally in a negative headspace. so coming into 2019, i not only want to work on my own positivity, but i want to be kinder to those around me. including those in my community. i want to start giving back and volunteering again! i think i can find my positivity again through helping and giving to others. it was such a huge part of my life in college, but sadly it’s kind of dropped off my priority list over the past few years.

creativity // photography + writing
i take photos all the time on my iphone, but this year i want to improve my DSLR photography skills. one of my friends is trying to get me to sign up for a boston photography workshop, and i’m finally in a place where i’m ready to put myself out there! (but, tbh, we’re probably going to wait until the weather is a little warmer…so stay tuned!) same goes for my writing. i’ve been writing little tidbits here and there in my notes app on my phone. but i haven’t written any longer form pieces or short stories since college! i’ve continuously blamed it on “not having enough time,” but i refuse to let this stop me in 2019. i need to make the time. i’m also challenging myself to start my one line a day diary/memory book. basically, you write down at least one line (or one memory) a day for up to five years! so far, so good.

reading // at least 6 books this year
my love for reading knows no bounds. when i was younger and had my summers off, i used to read upwards of 20 books. no lie. while realistically, that’s not an attainable goal to get back to at this point in my life, i do want to make a conscious effort to read more. right now, i’m finishing one of james patterson’s books and am hoping to start crazy rich asians in the next few months. my goal for 2019 is to read at least 6 books throughout the year!

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