happy weekend! did this week feel quite long for anybody else? it was my first full week back at work in like three-ish weeks, and i spent most of my evenings keeping up with my new years goals (aka reading, writing, going to the gym, and meal-prepping). the combination had me totally wiped come friday night. back to reality!

one // shopping
i haven’t said this out loud or really admitted it to myself until this very moment, but i’m trying to shop with more intention in 2019. if i don’t need the cute pair of booties on sale, then i won’t be buying them! does that make sense? we’ll see how it goes, but so far so good!

that being said, a few things i couldn’t resist this week:
• these white cork boards. (for my 2019 vision board, i’ll post photos to my instagram once it’s complete!)
• this acne treatment and this face wash from a company i’d never heard of before, called blume. (i’ve been trying to get better about skincare recently. i haven’t found the best routine for my skin yet, so i’m trying out a ton of different products. maybe i’ll review my favorites at some point!)

i got a nordstrom gift card for christmas, and ordered:
this shampoo. (i have a crazy combination of oily roots, yet a pretty dry and flaky scalp. aka i feel compelled to shower every day so my hair isn’t greasy. trying this shampoo to see if it helps my scalp problems…fingers crossed!)
• the much talked about mario badescu drying lotion. there’s so much hype around this product, can’t wait to see if it works for my acne-prone skin.
this cozy turtleneck.
• this striped long sleeve tee. (i’m a sucker for stripes!)

two // listening
if you follow me on instagram, you probably already know this but i am obsessed with sam smith. i saw him in concert for the first time this summer, and he is actually better live than his recorded songs. how incredible is that?! anyways, he came out with a new single featuring normani yesterday called “dancing with a stranger.” i literally haven’t stopped listening to it.

i also started two new podcasts this week! i’ve found that when i’m at the gym, on the treadmill, i get bored just listening to music. so i started listening to nick viall’s “viall files” and “dirty john.”

i was actually really surprised by how much i enjoyed nick’s podcast! if you follow him on instagram, you know he does his q&a sessions via stories. his podcast is kind of an extension of that, but much more in-depth. the first two episodes have women guest hosts, so there’s a male and female perspective which i found really interesting. nick also talks about his time on the bachelor franchise, and his thoughts on the new season.

and omg dirty john. i mean everyone’s seen the previews for the tv show starring connie britton. but before watching the show, i decided i wanted to listen to the podcast to get a better idea of the storyline. it is so interesting, creepy, and suspenseful. i’m only on episode two and i cannot wait to get back to the gym to listen to more!

three // eating + drinking
this week was a turning point for me! i finally took some baby steps towards changing my diet. i went to trader joes early on in the week, and started to meal prep (which i never understood before, but it’s kind of life changing). for this first week, i challenged myself to eat salad every day for lunch (and also to make a few smoothies in the evening). in the past, i’ve found that lunch is my most challenging meal. at work, we don’t have a great cafeteria or food options around my office park. so i’d eat mac-n-cheese like 3x per week. which let me tell you was glorious, but it’s just not healthy in the long run. so salad it is!

my favorite salad of the week: apple + pear salad with honey vinaigrette. my only substitutions were: i used mixed greens instead of kale, did not add any cheese, and no cilantro in the vinaigrette.

my favorite smoothie of the week: pineapple spinach smoothie (my own recipe, i’ve perfected it at this point!) this is my all-time favorite smoothie. ingredients are as follows: frozen pineapple chunks, frozen peach slices (or frozen mango chunks, i’ve tried both!), spinach, and coconut water. in my opinion, it’s the perfect mix of citrus which ends up hiding the spinach taste really well.

four // travel
i just got back from spending a few days skiing at stowe mountain in vermont! i’m writing a blog post with all the details about the trip, and hoping to have it up later this week. check out my instagram for a sneak peek!

five // watching
first thing’s first: who else is watching the bachelor this season? i *reluctantly* am. other than arie’s, i haven’t missed a season. i always feel like if i don’t watch, i won’t be as connected to the lead during the next season. which is how the bachelor sucks me in! anyways, i’m not 100% convinced on colton as the bachelor. i feel like the producers chose him thinking he’d be the next sean lowe and i don’t necessarily agree. side note, the girls are legitimately babies and it’s blowing my mind…

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