let’s be honest, amazon saves lives. i truly don’t remember what life was like before prime (so spoiled, i know!). lately, i’ve been noticing more and more well-known brand names and high quality products being sold via amazon. it’s made my life so much easier to shop for beauty, clothing, apartment needs, etc. all in one place. so if you love amazon as much as i do, i hope you’ll enjoy a recap of my favorite amazon purchases to date – these are products i either buy over and over again, or have bought and truly loved!

one // sam edelman loraine loafer
i bought these at the recommendation of krista from covering the bases (one of my favorite bloggers!). to be honest, i was skeptical at first. the price tag doesn’t break the bank, but it’s enough that my shoppers remorse was in the back of my head. when they came in and i put them on my feet for the first time, i fell in love. which sounds dramatic, but it’s so true! i have never owned a more comfortable pair of loafers in my entire life. the leather is so soft, and over time, forms to your feet. i’ve had the black leather pair for years, and am now debating buying a back-up pair for when they eventually get too worn out. that’s how incredible they are!

two // traditional medicinals organic spearmint tea
fun fact: i was never a big tea drinker until the last year or so. i’d heard that spearmint tea has benefits for acne-prone skin, and figured i’d give it a shot. i’ll take all the help i can get! at first, the spearmint flavor wasn’t my favorite. but now, i crave it…safe to say, i’m hooked! so hooked, in fact, that my mom bought me an electric tea kettle for my apartment.

three // peanut butter dark chocolate kind bars
kind bars are my breakfast of choice. and this specific flavor is my weakness. peanut butter and dark chocolate, what could be better? for me, i like that it’s loaded with nuts, yet doesn’t taste super nutty if that makes sense. and it has 7g of protein! the best thing about kind bars is that they are all natural/non-gmo, gluten free, low glycemic, a great source of fiber, low sodium, no trans fats, no sulpher dioxide, and no hydrogenated oils. my favorite thing about ordering them from amazon is that i set up a re-occurring shipment (once a month), so i’m not left scrambling to order more once i run out!

four // zimasilk silk pillowcase
i’ve been dealing with all sorts of skin issues lately, so when i read an article about the benefits of silk pillowcases i was sold! what i love most about the silk pillowcase trend is: silk is naturally hypoallergenic, proven to help keep your skin healthy and smooth, reduces the appearance of wrinkles, keeps bed head under control, reduces damage and split ends, etc. what i’ve noticed most so far is that in the month i’ve slept on my new pillowcase, not once have i woken up with sleep marks on my face.

five // what do you meme
my friends and i call this the modern day apples to apples. it’s kind of a mix between apples to apples and cards against humanity. definitely targeted towards adults! my best friend (who also happens to be my roommate!) and i host game-night for our group of friends once every couple months and this game is a staple.

six // treeactiv acne eliminating body spray
speaking of skin issues, lately my acne has been next level wild. and lucky for me, my body doesn’t seem to be discriminating against different types of acne. whiteheads, blackheads, cystic acne, you name it, i’ve got it. that being said, a few months ago, i was having breakouts…on my back. i mean. how uncomfortable?! i read the reviews for this product online and was definitely skeptical. i’ve tried so many acne treatments, that i had a hard time believing a spray would make any difference. but y’all, i’m here to report that this product works, and it works well. i haven’t had a breakout on my back in months!

seven // none freestanding bookcase
ok let me set the scene here for you. i live in boston, with a roommate, aka i have a pretty small space that i call my room. we’re in one of the units on the top floor, which is awesome, but also means my room has some awkwardly slanted low ceilings. and because of that, finding furniture that fits in my room has proven to be quite difficult. i had set my sights on the idea of a white bookcase with drawers for added storage, that didn’t break the bank. and i found this one! fair warning, it did take some time to assemble.

eight // esarora ice roller
another recommendation from krista! i feel like this product is a blogger favorite, but for those who haven’t heard of it, it’s legitimately exactly what it sounds like. a small ice pack in a roller form, which makes it easier to apply to your face. some benefits of ice rolling are: reduces puffiness, calms redness, helps fight wrinkles, reduces pore size, firms the skin, and many many more. i have begun to incorporate this into my nightly skincare routine. i either roll while watching a tv show, eating dinner, or even while i’m writing out blog posts!

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