valentine’s day is my least favorite holiday. and not for the obvious reasons *cough* being single *cough.* even in the past when i’ve been in a relationship i’ve never enjoyed it. in my opinion, when you’re in a good relationship, every day should be like valentine’s day. you should be doing something every day to show your partner just how much they mean to you. whether it’s buying a gift just because or simply putting away the dishes without being asked!

i feel like valentine’s day has become a competition of who’s boyfriend or girlfriend does the bigger grand gesture on this one meaningless, commercialized day. anybody else? personally, i’ve been single for a few years now. and that’s completely by choice. learning how to be on your own is so incredibly important. and i am also just not the kind of girl who settles!

so if you find yourself single on valentine’s day this year, here are a few tried & true ways to get through the day and celebrate your single-ness!

• buy yourself a bottle (or two) of expensive wine. treat yo’self!

• order a pizza with your favorite toppings. just for you, no sharing.

binge your favorite rom-coms. the cheesier, the better.

• hang out with your other single friends. me & my three best girl friends celebrate galentine’s day (2/13) every year. our long-standing tradition is to go see whatever rom-com comes out in theaters around this time of year.

• buy yourself flowers. you don’t need a man to buy you flowers and let’s get real, he definitely won’t remember your favorite kind. be a #modernwoman and buy your own!

pamper yourself. face-mask, bath bombs, painting your nails…you name it.

• work on your side-hustle. while everybody else is distracted by love and grand gestures, you’ll be working on yourself and your career. it’ll pay off in the long run.

• read a book. or a trashy magazine. or both! for me, it helps to be distracted. and reading transforms me into another world for a short period of time.

• buy as much half priced candy and chocolate on 2/15 as you can handle. absolutely no shame.

• remind yourself that at the end of the day, it’s literally just another day. aka it’s exactly the same as being single the other 364 days of the year! you will survive. i promise!

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