have you ever wanted to live out a scene from the disney movie frozen? good news, you absolutely can! i discovered the ice castles through instagram and thus began thoroughly stalking the location (lol sorry not sorry). after realizing i could make a day trip out of it, and obsessing over photos, i decided i needed to check the castles out! so i grabbed one of my bffs from college and we made the two-ish hour drive from boston to woodstock, new hampshire.

for those of you who aren’t familiar, the ice castles are an annual winter attraction located in six cities across north america (the new england location is in north woodstock, new hampshire). the entire experience is breathtaking. the ice castles are built with hundreds of thousands of icicles hand-placed by professional ice artists. they also include led-lit sculptures, frozen thrones, secret tunnels & slides, a major fountain, some disney character sightings (we saw olaf, elsa, and anna!), and much more.

a few helpful tips to consider before visiting the ice castles:

buy tickets beforehand. general admission tickets range from $16-19. when we went, it wasn’t majorly crowded, but we loved being able to skip the line.

set your expectations. this is a popular destination. there absolutely will be people everywhere. don’t be fooled by the instagram photos that make it seem like you’ll be the only one there. that being said, don’t let that deter you from visiting. despite the popularity and crowds, we truly enjoyed our experience!

check their hours on www.icecastles.com. the new hampshire location is open tuesday-saturday. tuesday-thursday open from 4pm-9pm, friday open from 4pm-10:30pm, and saturday open from noon-10:30pm.

dress warmly. i feel like this should be a no-brainer, but we were astonished at some of the outfits we saw people wearing (think mini-dress and heels). you will literally be walking through ice and snow. at the least, make sure to wear winter boots so your feet don’t freeze!

bring an umbrella. this sounds kind of funny, but i promise you’ll want one. we took an umbrella originally because it was semi-raining when we got to the castles. but we ended up using it to shield our cameras from any water, as well as our coats and heads. ice can melt, is all i’m saying!

stop for hot chocolate. their “farm to castle” concession stand is adorable and right on site so you don’t have to leave the castles.

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