to be totally honest, life lately has felt a little sluggish. i always feel less motivated this time of year. luckily february is the shortest month, so i’ve been telling myself that spring is right around the corner!

one // travel
on sunday i spent the day in portland maine with one of my best friends from college! we had so much fun catching up over incredible food, and driving around searching for lighthouses.

later this week, i’m headed to new jersey and new york for the long weekend! i’m traveling with my mom to visit family in new jersey and then we’re stopping in new york city for a little over 24 hours. i am beyond excited. i cannot wait to be back in new york city. typing those words gives me so much perspective, it’s crazy. if you had told me five years ago that i would eventually fall in love with the city that never sleeps, i would’ve laughed in your face. but after years of traveling to new york for work, i really got to know (and love) the many different parts of the city. everyone says this, but there really is something so electric about the energy in new york city.

i also booked a trip to cincinnati in early april to visit another of my best friends from college! checking the destinations off my new years resolutions list slowly but surely. i cannot wait to visit her! she and her fiancé bought a house last year that i’ve only seen via facetime, so it’ll be exciting to see their first home in person. and i’ll also get to reunite (and snuggle) with my neph-dog after a few years of being apart!

two // friendship
speaking of my bff in ohio, almost a year ago she asked me to be her maid of honor. to which i am truly honored. we met when we were freshmen in college and 9 years later, she’s one of my very closest friends in the world. anyways, i recently started writing my maid of honor speech. don’t get me wrong, i love to write, but the process has been really hard! i feel like i have too many personal anecdotes i want to share, but also don’t want to be standing up there in front of everyone for like half an hour. i have a feeling i’ll be editing and practicing right up until the night before the wedding. sorry not sorry em!

three // reading
as part of my job, i read a lot of blogs. and last week, i read mackenzie’s post about life after college athletics. it really resonated with me. i admire mackenzie’s honesty and open dialogue about the challenges after her college athletic career ended. not many people talk about it, if you can believe that! i actually have a very similar story. which i definitely want to share, at some point. but i need to organize my thoughts first!

four// watching
a few weeks ago i decided to take the plunge and watch all of the movies that have been nominated for best picture at the oscars this year. so in total, i have 8 movies to watch (black panther, a star is born, bohemian rhapsody, green book, vice, blackklansman, the favourite, and roma). i’ve watched 4 so far, which means i’m halfway through! it’s been a really fun experience. i wouldn’t have normally chosen to watch many of these movies on my own, so i’ve enjoyed the challenge of going outside my comfort zone. i’m thinking of making this an annual thing!

five // listening
as if ariana grande hadn’t already proven herself as the queen of pop, she goes ahead and blesses us with the thank u, next album. we. are. not. worthy. some early favorites of mine: bad idea, break up with your girlfriend i’m bored, nasa, in my head.

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