after listening to my favorite podcast (shoutout scrubbing in!) i was inspired by tanya to create a vision board to showcase my goals going into 2019.

i choose to believe in the act of manifestation. aka you manifest or throw out into the universe what you want in life, and it will listen. so for example, i really want to get back to my roots and re-discover my love for horseback riding. i’ve been manifesting this by saying it out loud to my family and friends (so they’ll hold me accountable). so i decided to add images of horses to both of my vision boards! the majority of the photos, inspiration, quotes, etc. that i chose have purpose and meaning like this behind them.

i know it’s february, so i’m technically a little behind, but it’s better late than never right?! me being me, i wanted my vision boards to be aesthetically pleasing and to match the existing decor in my bedroom. so i ordered these white cork boards and these elegant gold pins. long story short, the pins were backordered on amazon…but they are here now and look amazing! the process of putting these vision boards together was one that i really enjoyed. it forced me to take a step back and figure out which goals i wanted to highlight for my 2019 year (think fitness, healthy eating, being kind, etc.).

i love how my vision boards came out. so much so, that i immediately hung them in my bedroom! wondering how to create your own vision board? here are a few helpful steps:

step one // peruse pinterest
scroll through pinterest and find your favorite images. save & print!

*all images via pinterest

step two // cut out each picture
just remember for this step that your pictures don’t have to be perfectly cut! sometimes the beauty is in the imperfections.

step three // start envisioning a layout
if you don’t have a clear vision for how you want your boards to look, then i recommend taking a step back. start by laying out every single photo, quote, etc. that you printed and cut out. next, choose which ones you feel the strongest about. then begin placing them onto your cork board. you can group them together based on colors, interests, aesthetics. really anything goes! the most important part of this step is to make it your own, and unique to your creative style.

step four // push pins
once you’ve landed on a layout you’re happy with, take some push pins and make it final! i love these gold ones from amazon. they’re actually smaller than they look in these photos, but they give off a very elegant vibe. which i love!

step five // final product
and voila!

step six // put your vision board on display
show off your creation! there’s something to be said about having your goals and inspirations constantly visible. manifestation, people! i immediately hung mine in my bedroom. but i’ve heard of people who have hung theirs in their bathroom, on the back of their bedroom door, on their refrigerator, etc. it’s totally up to you and your personal preference + your living space!

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