my friends and i keep joking that in the last couple of weeks, everyone in new england has finally come out of hibernation! our winters are very long and drawn out. but once daylight savings comes around and the weather hits 50° consistently, we all remember how nice it is to be outside. i’m getting so excited that spring is right around the corner!

one // 36 hours in cincinnatti
weekend trips seem to be my thing this year! i just got back from visiting my best friend from college, emily, in cincinnatti. i’ve been to ohio once before, for a horse show when i was 16 (i’m pretty sure it was in cleveland). all i remember was thinking everything was so flat and that there were strip malls everywhere. so this time around, i was excited to 1) visit emily + her fiancé and my nephdog and 2) see a different part of ohio and gain a new perspective of the midwest. i’m going to write a post highlighting my favorite parts of the trip, so stay tuned!

two // favorite finds
i wrote about my goal of purchasing with intent in this post. that being said, there are a few upcoming occasions (bridal showers, a summer wedding, bermuda vacation) that i need to shop for!

• wedding season has officially begun! i have two bridal showers coming up in the next few months. i think i can get away with shopping my own closet for the one that’s in a few weeks (fingers crossed). but i have my eye on this floral dress for emily’s bridal shower in september. it’s garden party themed, so i kinda have to wear florals ya know??
• in june, i’m headed to bermuda for a week-long vacation with my family! i am on the hunt for a supportive, and non revealing, bandeau bikini. finding swimwear that 1) fits my body 2) doesn’t break the bank and 3) lasts more than one season is extremely challenging. so far, i’m leaning towards this red one or this black one.
• warm weather is rapidly approaching. and i am in desperate need of more shorts! my favorite pair are these from j.crew. i’m debating between a darker wash pair of the same style, or if i should bite the bullet and try these aglode’s that literally every single blogger raves about.
• i completely wore out my sandals last summer (i had the same three pairs since high school so it was time for them to be retired haha). i did keep a few pairs of jack rogers but i definitely need at least one new versatile sandal. i almost bought these last year, but hesitated. i literally check if they’re on sale like twice a month, so i think it’s finally time i hit *add to cart.*
• now is the perfect time to snag some winter gear on mega sale! i donated my old tall boots in my marie kondo purge earlier this year. safe to say it’s time for a new pair! one of my best friends, jordan, keeps recommending these from nordstrom. they just went on sale, so i feel like it’s meant to be?! and they’re waterproof…amazing for the harsh new england winters.

three // boston wanderings
i know i said this before, but i’ll say it again. everyone in new england (and boston!) has finally come out of hibernation! last weekend was the first 65° & sunny day of the year. and it was magical. a few of my friends and i decided to wander aimlessly around boston and reacquaint ourselves with our city. we got brunch at bootleg special in the south end (amazing french toast) and then walked from there to beacon hill (stopped at rouvalis flower shop) to the common + public garden to the waterfront. we ended our day with an early dinner and drinks at joe’s! it was the perfect day. made us so excited for warmer weather and patio season!

four // currently watching
a few weeks ago i saw the new captain marvel movie starring brie larson. i’m not a huge superhero-movie fan, so i had low expectations going in. that being said, i was surprised to find that i loved it! the story captivated me, although there were definitely some elements that had me rolling my eyes. but brie larson is a badass and her hair in this movie is my ultimate #hairgoals. anyways, this prompted me to start watching the marvel superhero movies in chronological order (i’m going by the amc theatres list). so far, my favorite has been the incredible hulk. which completely shocked me, i wasn’t expecting to like it at all!

five // links i loved
budweiser’s tribute to dwanye wade actually made me emotional? am i ok?
how to maintain work friendships after you leave the job from the everygirl. this is extremely relevant and a good read for all young professionals! i am very lucky to have maintained a few close friendships from my last job.
slt review from krista of covering the bases. i mean, talk about incredible results! krista’s inspired me to look into taking some pilates classes. and eventually, i’m going to challenge myself to take an slt class. but i kind of want to learn the basics first!
on being single in your 30’s from meghan of wit & whimsy. this post went viral back in february, but it’s still relevant for me (and i imagine many others) now. meghan writes with such honesty and vulnerability. and while i’m not quite 30, i think this article speaks to all ages.

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