i just got back from a whirlwind 36 hour trip to cincinnati to visit one of my very best friends from college, emily! we met freshman year and have been inseparable ever since. in 2018, emily got engaged and bought a house in the same year! so naturally, cincinnati shot to the top of my must-travel list (read more in this post).

i’d only ever been to ohio once before this trip, when i was 16, for a horse show. growing up in new england, i always thought of the midwest as being mostly farm land and thick southern accents. and while i encountered both during this trip, i was pleasantly surprised by all that cincinnati had to offer!

day 1
where we ate + what we did

golden retriever dog
my nephdog obi
brewery with a bar
three points brewery, 331 east 13th street

once i landed, i was immediately greeted by my nephdog obi (how precious is he?! the crossed paws. the bowtie. i cannot handle it). we took him on a quick walk around emily’s neighborhood, and then headed out to spend the evening at three points brewery. there was colorful art everywhere, even on the backsplash of the bar! come to find out, the brewery works with local artists to feature art in many different ways to encourage interaction and acceptance in the community. how incredible is that?!

day 2
where we ate + what we did

on day 2, i woke up to the smell of bacon (aka heaven!). we quickly ate breakfast and hung out with obi before we started our jam-packed day. i really wanted emily to take me to all of her favorite spots around cincy. which is exactly what we set out to do! “so much to do, so little time” was the motto of our weekend haha.

pins bar, 1124 main street

our first stop was pins for a midday pick me up. i loved this place! everything was so open and airy. and the bar on the first floor kind of had an old fashioned vibe with subway tiles and cocktail boards. a total instagram moment waiting to happen! plus, they had frosé (frozen rosé) on the menu which is by far my favorite warm weather drink. but the very best part was all of the offered games! fooseball, pinball, bocce, bowling and ping pong to name a few…there’s something for everyone!

findlay marketplace
findlay market, 1801 race street

we made our way over to findlay market, which apparently is ohio’s oldest public market! apparently, waffles are huge in cincy. which was apparent as we walked around the market. there was an entire corner devoted to belgian waffle bites with toppings galore. unfortunately, we were both pretty stuffed so we didn’t stop to buy anything…but it was still fun to experience. the place was totally packed!

how incredible is this view?! we crossed the john a. roebling suspension bridge (and subsequently the ohio state line) and made our way over to covington, kentucky. which again, i was pleasantly surprised by! as we walked through neighborhoods lined with flowering trees, we literally ran into at least 4 wedding parties. it was such gorgeous weather that we ended up wandering around aimlessly for a while!

coppin’s restaurant, 638 madison ave
sneakers: old navy + jeans: abercrombie

and our final stop before the airport was coppin’s restaurant at the hotel covington. apparently, the building that coppin’s is currently located in used to be an old department store. which is really hard to believe! the dining area was gorgeous, along with the bar in the front lobby which also had shared space to eat, drink, or just hang out with friends. i think this was one of my favorite places we ate during the entire trip! the food was so good, the atmosphere was elegant, but not too elegant. i really loved it. next time i go back to visit em, i’m definitely having her take me here again!

airplane wing

and just like that, it was time to head back to boston! i had such a nice trip. i only wish i could’ve had more time to spend with emily. but the silver lining of our goodbye is that i will be seeing her really soon…for her bachelorette party in june! ahhh so crazy. i can’t wait.

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