and just like that, i blinked and it’s mid-april! time really flies once the weather gets warmer. i figured since we’re three-ish months in to the new year, it would be a good time to check-in on my goals and intentions for 2019. i think it’s really beneficial after a few months to take a step back, re-read the goals you set, decide if they need to be amended and/or give yourself a giant pat on the back for how far you’ve come.
as a refresher, you can read my goals and intentions for 2019 here! so far, here’s where i stand:

one // travel
my must-visit list for 2019: 
• nantucket, ma – planning for this summer!
• martha’s vineyard, ma – planning for this summer!
• cincinnati, oh (to visit my bff from college!)  read about my trip here
• tbd girls trip (we’re thinking a cruise) – sadly i don’t think this one’s going to happen. we’re all at such different places in our lives, it would be really hard to figure out our schedules and finances right now. hopefully next year! although i definitely will be forcing them to visit me at my family’s house on the cape this summer for (hopefully) a few weekends. which will be so fun!

two // health (diet + exercise)
i’m proud of where i am today, and how far i’ve come, but i know i still have room to improve.
in terms of diet, i’ve been packing my lunches most days and they normally consist of some type of salad and a veggie snack, which is a huge improvement over what i was eating for lunch before. i’ve struggled the most with dinner. after working 9-5 and commuting an hour home, all i want is the easiest and quickest-to-make dinner option. which in the past has been pasta or mac-n-cheese. i’ve been limiting my pasta intake to 2 days a week, so therefore i’m still struggling with finding easy, yet healthy dinner options, so that’s something i’ll definitely continue to work on.
in terms of exercise, i’ve had good weeks and bad weeks. aka a love-hate relationship with the gym haha. although i have learned to love the treadmill, which is something i never thought i’d do. i literally just hop on there for an hour and watch a mindless show on netflix. i do want to mix it up, so i recently signed up for class pass. i know that this will be a big challenge for me, because i typically don’t enjoy group exercise classes. we’ll see how it goes!

three // volunteering
not many moves so far on the volunteering front. when i marie kondo-ed my closet, i did donate around 5 trash bags filled with clothes to the red cross. which made me feel like i was helping, albeit in a really small way.

four // photography + writing
still haven’t signed up for a boston photography workshop, but i will be on the look out come may. my friend, lisa, who was going to do them with me is a bad ass and is going back to grad school soon. aka i’m guessing i’d be taking these classes on my own. which if you haven’t figured out by now is not my strong suit!
ok so. writing hasn’t been going very well. it’s been hard enough to write blog posts and hit publish without critiquing and editing for days, let alone write in my one-line-a-day memory book. i think this is the one goal i may have to completely let go of. i still want to challenge myself to write more, but i don’t want writing to feel like a chore. i want it to be fun and effortless!

five // reading
my goal is to read 6 books total by the end of this year. so far, i’ve finished one! and currently, i’m about a third of the way through crazy rich asians. i really loved the movie, so i’m psyched to compare them. i’m hoping i like it enough to read the others in the series. we’ll see! i usually read the most during the summer while on vacation or at the beach. so i think the majority of the books i read this year will be within the june-august timeframe.

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