happy friday everyone! this week, i celebrated my 27th (!!!) birthday. which means, according to society, i’ve officially crossed over the threshold and in to my late 20’s. growing up, i always thought that people in their mid to late 20’s were adults, and had their lives completely figured out. i dreamt that i’d be married, have an incredible job, own a house, have a golden retriever (and like 5 horses), and be thinking about starting a family. now looking back, i just have to laugh. life is not all roses and butterflies, which i (and many others i’m sure!) have learned the hard way. there are a few things that i’ve noticed begin to happen as you embrace this bizarre stage in life aka your late 20’s.

it seems like every human (based on social media posts) is either getting engaged, married, having a baby, buying a house or adopting a puppy. i mean like, good for them but. how do they afford all of this?!

sleep is sacred. gone are the days of going out & drinking on friday nights. the thought of having social plans two nights, let alone three nights in a row physically exhausts me. i can function on 6-7 hours of sleep. but once i turned 26, i realized in order to really thrive, i need at least 8 hours. which means i have to force myself to go to bed early!

you value quality over quantity when it comes to friendships. i no longer have the time or energy for people who don’t put equal amounts of effort into a friendship. i read somewhere that friendships come and go like seasons. some friends are there forever, and some are only meant to stay during a season, or maybe two. that really stuck with me, and changed my mindset from a negative one to a positive one. once i accepted that, a huge weight was lifted from my shoulders. remember: friendship is a two-way street!

all of a sudden, you become obsessed with plants. seriously, it’s weird. like i can’t go in to a trader joe’s without browsing their plant + succulent section and wanting to buy pretty much everything.

your room is your oasis. which means you actually want to keep it clean. when i lived at my parents house, my room was a pit. my clothes were never put away aka they’d always find their way into piles on the floor. but in my room at my apartment? everything is meticulously organized and clean. i secretly love it.

exercising is a necessary evil. i used to be one of those girls who could just walk around the city on the weekends and call that my “exercise.” lol. still figuring out the exercise routine that works best for me (9-5 + commuting struggles) but it’s become necessary for my well-being. no longer optional!

along those same lines, eating healthy actually makes you feel better compared to when you eat shitty. which is depressing AF. do i enjoy eating salads? no. do i enjoy eating french fries? yes. do i feel incredible after eating a salad? yes. do i feel like crap after eating fried food? you bet. ugh.

you fully embrace the no makeup look, because you just dgaf. it’s a big deal if i get out of bed and brush my hair, let alone put on a full face of makeup before leaving for work in the morning. this has seriously been one of my favorite things about getting older. and i’ve heard that going bare faced is actually better for your skin. so it’s a win-win!

dating apps suck. raise your hand if you’ve been on every dating app under the sun and hate them all with a burning passion!!!!!!

cast members on the bachelor are younger than you…and look like literal babies. i’ve noticed this in the past few seasons, as they started to cast 21-23 year old girls. when they’d show their faces and bio (age + “profession”), my roommate and i literally would yell things like “oh honey you have no idea what you’re in for!” or “you’re 21 and you think you’re ready to get married?!” or “this girl has no idea what she wants, because duh, she’s 23.” haha yikes we even sound old!

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