tgif! if you haven’t already guessed (based on my short hiatus from the blog), life lately has been a little crazy. i love summertime, but i consistently overbook myself. i haven’t spent a weekend at home since probably the end of may? i don’t mean to sound like i’m complaining, but after the july 4th weekend, i’ve realized that i need to press pause. remember to breathe, and really enjoy this fleeting new england summer. it goes by so fast!

one // family vacation in bermuda
it’s been a little over a week since i got back from our family vacation in bermuda…and i am still experiencing post-vacation-depression (is that even a thing?!). multiple blog posts to come, outlining everything we did, where we stayed, our favorite beaches, etc. but in the meantime let me leave you with this. bermuda is amazing. there is truly no place like it (and it’s only a 1.5 hour flight from boston!). the water is the clearest i’ve ever seen and the sand is PINK. i mean come on.

two // favorite finds
• i know i’ve mentioned this before, but abercrombie is making a comeback. big time. i am obsessed with this hoodie. it gives off a casual cute vibe. perfect for hanging around the house or running around town and doing some errands. i love it so much that i bought two! one for my apartment and one to keep at my parents house at the cape.
• before leaving for bermuda, i popped into old navy to peruse their swim section. not really expecting to find anything because the struggle to find good coverage bathing suits with support for bigger chests is REAL. but i ended up getting super lucky and found this scoop bikini top. it has the perfect amount of coverage that makes me feel comfortable! i bought the red color initially, and just ordered the black yesterday because once i find a bathing suit top that works, i always stock up!
this midi dress from gap was also a pre-bermuda trip purchase. i was never convinced i could pull off the maxi + midi dress trend, but there’s something about the way this dress fits me that i absolutely love. couldn’t recommend it more, & it’s on mega sale!

three // boston wanderings
unfortunately, i haven’t been wandering around boston in a while. but that being said, about a month or so ago, my cousin and i stopped into colette for sunday brunch. we were absolutely blown away! the decor is next level and the food is even better. i had the croque monsieur baguette, and have been dreaming about it ever since. colette is located in porter square hotel (on mass ave in cambridge). they offer brunch on saturday & sunday from 9am-4pm.

four // currently reading
i’ve been traveling a lot over the last few months, which means i’ve been reading a lot of books (on the beach) and watching a few movies (on planes).
i would classify my taste in books as “all over the place.” i’ve read everything, from a comedian’s autobiography, to a gruesome murder mystery, to a typical boy meets girl romance. i typically keep track of all the books i’ve read/want to read, as well as rate everything so i remember if i liked the book or not via my goodreads app (5/5 stars is the best rating a book can get). here’s what i’ve read so far this summer:
crazy rich asians by kevin kwan so i did watch the movie before reading the book. and to be honest, i think that’s the main reason i liked it so much. having the characters in my head and a semblance of the story line helped to keep me hooked. rachel & nick are kind of couple goals and i am here for them!
my rating: ★★★★☆
i would definitely recommend this book – especially if you’ve seen the movie!
china rich girlfriend by kevin kwan. coming off of the first book, i was so excited to read the second! unfortunately, i didn’t love it. the only plot line i was interested in throughout the entire book was what was happening with astrid and her husband + former fiance charlie. everything else was pretty dull.
my rating: ★★☆☆☆
if you’re like me and want to read the trilogy you’re going to have to get through this book, but i wouldn’t necessarily recommend it otherwise.
ghosted by rosie walsh. i liked the idea of this book, hearing a relatable story about a woman being ghosted by a man she thought she was in love with. but to be honest, i thought it tried too hard to be a mystery + romance novel. just choose one and stick with it! or commit to both. it just fell flat for me and the ending felt so unrealistic.
my rating: ★★☆☆☆
my feeling throughout this entire book can be summed up as “meh.” so i wouldn’t recommend this one.
into the woods by tana french. so i read one of tana french’s books a few years ago, not realizing they’re actually a part of a series! so i figured i had to go back and start from the beginning. into the woods is the first book of the dublin murder squad series. the story hooked me almost instantly. the only trouble i had was the ending. it leaves a lot of questions still unanswered.
my rating: ★★★★☆
i really liked this book, and would definitely recommend! i am looking forward to reading the others in this series and will report back. hoping they tie into each other in some ways, but from what i’ve heard they’re mostly completely different stories with some of the same characters.

five // links i loved
‘america’s got talent’ julianne hough slams golden buzzer for amazing 12 year old broadway hopeful. if you do one thing and one thing only today, it needs to be watching this incredible boy sing. i am notoriously not emotional and i was tearing up from the very beginning.
30 books that should be on your summer reading list from the everygirl. summer is my time to read, and i love compiling recommendations! i’ve read a few of the books on this list, but there are a ton of others that are new to me.
friends to leave netflix for new warner bros. streaming service. could i BE any more upset?! first the office, and now friends??? netflix. how could you do this to me.
the us women’s soccer team takes historic 4th win at world cup. i mean talk about some bad-ass women. they did the damn thing and they did it while also fighting for equal pay. watching them celebrate on the field gave me chills.
cameron boyce, disney star, dies at age 20. this was heartbreaking to read. life can be really unfair, but i think the moral of this story is to hug your loved ones and tell them you love them. don’t hold back, because life is short.

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