Sunset at Grape Bay Beach, Bermuda


The Grape Bay, Paget area of Bermuda holds a very special place in my heart. My family has vacationed here for years! We have a tradition of sorts – every time one of the siblings (there are three) graduates from high school, we head to Bermuda to celebrate! Each time, we’ve stayed at The Grape Bay Cottages which overlook Grape Bay Beach. I can’t even begin to describe how beautiful this place is. There are two cottages, one called “Beach Crest” and the other called “Beach Home.” Beach Crest is often referred to as the upper cottage, and Beach Home as the lower cottage. Both have covered porches, lawns, patios and a pathway down to Grape Bay Beach. My family’s stayed in both cottages & both are incredible in their own way. But I’d say the best part about staying at The Grape Bay Cottages is the proximity to the beach. By walking down a set of stairs, your feet hit the light pink sands and your eyes can’t stop staring at the clear turquoise waters. We were lucky enough to enjoy a lot of sunsets in this gorgeous setting!